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The time has come.

Soon, we undertake the remaining sacrifice for the good of the empire, completing the Goblin portal.

The lost, the curious, the forsaken; we call upon you.

Turn away from the light.

Join us.

The Journal of
Varlin the Shrewd
It wasn’t our intention to spite the gods. Though their fury can be the only explanation for the hellish wrath that befell our horde in the event known as the Wreck.
The Pledge

Additional parts are required to complete the portal.

Pledge yours, and if selected by the Goblin Queen during The Reckoning, your sacrifice will be handsomely rewarded.

Choose Wisely!

The Path

Phase 2

The Pledge

The first phase will allow the willing to pledge their NFTs to the cause. If the Goblin Queen deems your pledge worthy, you will be included in the sacrifice.

Phase 4

The Bestowing

The Goblin Queen is noble and just. All those who made a sacrifice will be rewarded with a rare and powerful amulet, set to be revealed upon completion of the portal.

Phase 6

The Summoning

To be revealed.

Phase 8

The Recurring

To be revealed.

Phase 1


The Goblin Empire will rise again. A final sacrifice is all that’s required to complete their portal and recover their lost factions.

Phase 3

The Sacrifice

Let the ritual commence. Sacrifices will be burned for all of eternity, with their parts used to complete the portal for the good of the Goblin Empire.

Phase 5

The Offering

To be revealed.

Phase 7

The Allegiance

To be revealed.